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The web I love is :

#simple #accessible #resilient #fast #distributed #diverse #empowering #open #evolving #playfull

Act 1.
Love a simple web

First came the hyperlink

hyperlink is bi-directional

Proprietary vs Open

Act 2.
Love an accessible web

Accessibility all the way

A11y – poor connexions – old computers – Disabled Javascript – Wget

Hello World should take 5 sec to learn!

Open knowledge

Forgiveness by default is absolutely required for the kind of large-scale, worldwide adoption that the web enjoys.

Jeff Atwood — JavaScript and HTML: Forgiveness by Default

Act 3.
Love a resilient web

Are you from the past?

"No problem mum, resilient web to the rescue!"

Another argument to the winning open web platform.


A rejected promise

A today's browser can display a 1996 website

A 1996 browser can display a today's webpage

Hello Ginette, you'll get a new iPhone for christmas

You need javascript to access this content because we are to lazy to consider unobstructive javascript.

Unobstructive Javascript

<html class="no-js">


Act 4.
We all love a fast web

Today's solutions are tomorrow's problems

Eventually data is already here localy

Act 5.
We all love a distributed web

We lost ground in the distributed web

Amazon admits that a typo took the internet down this week

Engadget 2017-03-02

Act 6.
Love a diverse web

For perspective, by the end of 1992 there were seven web browsers which allowed users to surf the vast ocean of what was at the time only 22 known Websites.

Brian Kardell – A Brief(ish) History of the Web Universe - Part III: The Early Web

Get away from monopoly

IndieWeb movement

1999: there are millions of websites all hyperlinked together
2019: there are four websites, each filled with screenshots of the other three.

David Masad @badnetworker

Act 7.
We love an empowering web

It's a perspective question

Act 8.
Love an open web

For a while, before a third of the planet had signed up for Facebook, RSS was simply how many people stayed abreast of news on the internet.

Aaron Swartz – The Rise and Demise of RSS

Act 9.
Love an evolving web

Without reloading the page

Act 10.
Love a playfull web

A javascript library to round corners

Enthousiasm drives us

We shape the web

#simple #accessible #resilient #fast #distributed #diverse #empowering #open #evolving #playfull

Merci !

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